Event 5

Title: For-profit wine in nonprofit bottles? The case of nonprofit charter schools subcontracting with for-profit education management organizations

Presenter: Dr. Long Tran, Ohio State University

Abstract: There is growing concern that some nonprofit public service providers may be nonprofit in name but not in fact. We assess this concern in the context of nonprofit charter schools, which sometimes subcontract their daily operations to for-profit management organizations. We use unique data from Ohio to study how nonprofit charter schools’ reliance on for-profit operators affects annual gains in student achievement and attendance. The results indicate that nonprofit charters that subcontract with for-profit operators tend to be more effective and equitable in promoting student achievement (but not attendance) than nearby traditional public schools serving similar students. However, nonprofit charters that subcontract with for-profit operators tend to be less effective (with regard to both achievement and attendance) and less equitable (with regard to attendance) than other nonprofit charters nearby. Further analysis comparing the administration and outcomes of for-profit and nonprofit operators suggests that the profit motive helps explain the inferior performance of nonprofit charters with for-profit operators. Our study offers theoretical insights for literatures on government contracting, performance monitoring, and sector boundaries, as well as practical managerial and policy implications.

Time: 8:00 pm (CST), Feb 1, 2023

Mode: Zoom

Event 4

Topic: How to conduct literature searches thoroughly

Presenter: Dr. Iulian Vamanu, Assistant Professor in the School of Library and Information Science, University of Iowa

Time and date: 9:30 p.m. Oct 19 (CST) or 9:30 a.m. Oct 20 Vietnam time

Abstract: Researchers may conduct searches using Google Scholar. In this workshop, Professor Vamanu will show how to conduct searches thoroughly for articles and books that Google Scholar searches tend to miss.

Mode: Zoom

Event 3

Topic: Research methods to evaluate education policy

Presenter: Phuong Nguyen, Ph.D., University of Iowa

Time and date: 8:30 am (CST), or 8:30 pm Vietnam time, Sept 29, 2022

Mode: Zoom


This presentation will cover quantitative research methods and designs to conduct a causal evaluation of public and education policy using non-experimental data. Dr. Nguyen will describe the basics and wherever appropriate, recent developments of the methods, namely interrupted time series, difference-in-differences, event study, and synthetic control. The presentation will also discuss assumptions underlying each method for valid causal interpretations and their relevant policy settings.

Note: Dr. Nguyen is a Vietnam International Academic Network (VIAN) coordinator in Education for the PHER project. This presentation is an activity for both VAPAP and PHER participant

Event 2

John Barnett, Ph.D., Emporia State University

Date: Sept 9, 2022

Paper: Blue economy: Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam

Event 1

Edmund Malesky, Ph.D., Duke University

Date: Aug 29, 2022

Paper: Willing to learn: How economic uncertainty can enhance trade literacy among disadvantaged groups